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About Us

SelectFlorida is a partnership of businesses, government leaders, and economic development partners working together to improve the Florida economy.

Meet SelectFlorida

SelectFlorida is the state of Florida’s official international commerce organization, serving as a catalyst for economic development, economic diversification into targeted industries, and high-wage job creation for Floridians.

SelectFlorida, Inc. (SelectFL) was formed and founded in 2023 to absorb the state’s international commerce functions and operate as a model Direct Support Organization (DSO) for the Florida Department of Commerce (FloridaCommerce).  SelectFL is proud to be the state’s official international trade and investment promotion agency.

SelectFlorida’s mission to is attract, retain, and create higher-wage jobs for Floridians by working closely with FloridaCommerce to achieve this goal.

SelectFlorida operates as a public-private partnership collaborating with private sector leaders and investors to drive Florida’s economic growth alongside FloridaCommerce.

SelectFlorida serves as a catalyst for economic development by promoting Florida as a premier business destination and expanding the state’s economy through private-sector job creation.

SelectFlorida works closely with Florida, U.S., and international businesses in key targeted industries, connecting them with state and local resources.

In pursuit of this important mission, SelectFlorida is proud to partner with a statewide network of economic development partners amplifying our impact.



For companies expanding or locating in Florida:

  • Attract, Retain and Create Higher-Wage Jobs
  • Industry Expertise in Key Target Industries
  • Business Intelligence of Florida’s Assets and Products
  • Confidential Site Search
  • Permitting & Regulatory Assistance


Florida companies interested in global growth:

  • International Trade Development
  • Export Assistance and Export Counselling
  • Promote Florida Globally as the Premier Business Destination in America
  • Network of International Offices
  • Attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Strategic Partnerships to Foster International Business



SelectFlorida supports mostly small to medium sized (SME) manufacturers in growing their business overseas through a consultative approach to export assistance and also works with international businesses seeking to invest and expand in Florida, utilizing our expansive network of international offices in key global markets. Both activities generate a significant Return on Investment (ROI) for the state and are highly regarded as model programs in the U.S. and around the world.

SelectFlorida is also honored to serve the executive leadership of the state of Florida by organizing international missions and forging international partnerships that support the expansion of international business. SelectFlorida’s team has many years of experience supporting the international visits and mission of Governors and Secretaries for our great state.




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